About Matargasthi

    Matargasthi is a platform to watch movies,videos with friends together, provides surreal visual and audio experience in a virtual multiplex, experience virtual togetherness.

    Our top features include:-

  • Dynamic Remote interconnected video exchange - for users to easily connect over long distances in a hassle-free manner

  • A synchronised video player - for every player in the room to view the same video simultaneously to give a feeling of watching a movie together in a cinema theatre; video platforms currently supported on our app is YouTube, Google Drive , Vimeo and Sound Cloud

  • Built-in chat box in every room with all features necessary for communication among the live audience including: Profile customization, Instant messaging where messages can have statuses (delivered/failed/seen/edited) ,voice messaging, Quick search, Push notifications to the members part of the live audience and Media file transmission

  • Customized room settings for the users to have an extremely comfortable and personalized experience according to their choice

  • Made under the initiative of Atmanirbhar Bharat and taking India ahead in this digital race.

Our Features

Build on the world class frameworks our app is a stand-out in crowd.

Synchronized Player

Every user in the room sees the video simultaneously - just as if you were sitting in front of the same computer.


Every room has a built-in chat system which includes standard features for all your communication needs.


Room has voting automatically enabled (per default). All users are able to vote and add videos they like. The video with the most votes will be played next.

Room Settings

Can configure your room to your liking - including changing the room's name or altering the settings. For example: you can restrict other user's ability to vote on videos.

VoiP Calls

Real-time VoiP calls while you are watching videos or streaming videos.

Highly Secured and User Friendly

Chats are end-to-End Encrypted with delete message for everyone feature and no compromise on security of any of our app user.

Used Cases

During this time when we have to be indoor as much as possible our app keeps you entertained#stayathome

Video Premieres

You create videos and want to release your newest creation with a sweet event and see the reactions of your viewers as they happen? Upload your video to YouTube and flag it as hidden. You can add it to the playlist with the video link and invite your fans to the room. Hit play when you are ready to start your very own premiere!

Binge Watching

Matargasthi is great for binge-watching your favourite web series or Let's Play with friends or other fans! Either fill the playlist with all episodes or let people vote on their favorite episodes!

Long-Distance Relationships

Long-Distance Relationships are hard and Matargasthi cannot fix that. But many couples use Matargasthi to watch videos together and have a movie night even when you're apart. Don't forget to mark your room as private to keep creepy strangers out.

Hanging Out

Create a room just for you and your friends where you meet after school and watch the latest cat videos while you chat how your day went. With permanent room you always know where to find each other.

Your Own Idea

Our users came up with pretty awesome ideas so far. Just try yours out and see if it works! Rooms are very configurable and should fit your needs.

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